beautiful things has been my family's vocation and tradition for generations.

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Antiques were my natural environment.


Maintaining and appreciating them is the basis of my art. Due to my mother's specialization in antique dolls, I came into contact with these mysterious "human images" early on. Dolls are masterpieces of craftsmanship, they tell stories from the past. In order to preserve these memories it is my ambition to uncover the original condition without losing the "playfulness".


It is my concern to keep the doll as a display and collector's item, as a storyteller and as a toy.

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My mother Elisabeth Otremba


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Young Marie in front of the first shop .....

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I'm looking forward to your visit. Ideally with a telephone announcement, as I occasionally visit trade fairs and customers.

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Elisabethkirchstraße 7
10115 Berlin-Mitte
Home: 030 - 547 132 25
Cell: 0178 - 328 07 54